Distinto Mallorca

We Create Harmony

Distinto was born from the search for unique and special elements to give particular warmth to a home, with furniture that is not only functional but rich in character and full of meaning, allowing users to identify with them and embellishing home environments with harmonic and precious objects. Likewise, we seek to contribute to the revaluation of things, away from the contemporary notion of throwing away, stimulating the appreciation of the objects that we use in our daily activities, which in addition to functionality provide uniqueness and aesthetic value.

Our Story

Cultural Aesthetics

My sister Paola and I, Francesca, after having undertaken 30 years ago, separately and for work reasons, long stays in exotic countries that enriched our experiences and broadened our appreciation for the different criteria of beauty and its aesthetic manifestation, we decided to create a new Project. DISTINTO is a space that allows us to create harmony between the aesthetics of different cultures, which can be applied to the decoration of interior spaces.
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Fornitures from over the World

What is beauty? Often described as being in the eye of the beholder, our appreciation of what is beautiful is indeed fluid, subjective, personal.

Our appreciation of – and sensitivity to – beauty, however, can also be cultivated, developed, nurtured. Distinto brings together an eclectic selection of elements sourced from widely varied locations and disparate origins, each loaded with meaning, each with its own story to tell.

You soon find a piece that speaks to you. And from this practice emerges a beauty born out of singularity, and you in turn take satisfaction in the knowledge that you are beautifying your home with an object that is truly one-of-a-kind.