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A Little bit of Qing history

A Little bit of Qing  history

Qing Dynasty furniture occupies an important place in Chinese furniture, and is various in texture, styles and schools. It emerged in the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). In nowadays, Qing Dynasty furniture spread its unique characters to the world and still possesses the high collecting value.

Under the fourth Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi, political power stabalized, the economy improved, and more people paid attention to material things. Individuals were allowed to wear bright coloured garments and built huge homes which they adorned with lavish furniture.

By the middle of the Qing Dynasty Zitan and Chinese Pear wood, initially abundant, suffered from overuse and were rare. Trees were much smaller in diameter. This meant Qing furniture was made with pieces of wood, keeping the best bits (appearance wise), for visible surfaces and using less attractive timber underneath.

Many of the antique furniture pieces are finished in lacquer which gives an ornate and luxurious look. Lacquer has been used in Chinese furniture making for many hundreds of years. The glossy finish of lacquered furniture is achieved by applying multiple layers of lacquer sap to the wood underneath. You’ll find that many of our antiques have retained their original lacquer finish and although it may have faded and slightly crackled, this only adds to the wonderful patina an unique charm.